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FAQs & Good things about Soy Candles


Why Soy?

Clean Burn

Clean Burn

Most candles in stores are made with paraffin which is composed primarily of petroleum oil wax, synthetic scents, and preservatives.  When burned, paraffin releases toxins that circulate throughout  your home which can up to 11 documented toxins and two known carcinogens, Toluene and Benzene.  According to the American Lung Association® paraffin wax candles have as many carcinogens as second-hand cigarette smoke causing harm to the heart, lungs, circulatory & nervous systems.

 We use 100% soy wax in all of our candle products.  

It is 100% pesticide and GMO-free

from the soy beans yielded in the United States as a renewable resource and a way to support our American farmers.     


Clean Burn

Clean Burn

Clean Burn

Soy candles are naturally vegetable based & non-toxic

Soy wax burns 50% longer, cleaner aroma & slower burn time
giving you twice the candle for your money!

No soot

Much healthier for humans, pets, your home, and the environment

Our fragrance oils are Phthalate-free & 100% pure undiluted

Since our candles are "Vegetable-derived," simply wash the jar or crock in hot water and re-use it! 



Clean Burn


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Creamy White Soy Wax

Creamy White Soy Wax

Creamy White Soy Wax

  • Natural and Non-Toxic - Made from soybean oil which does not contribute to the CO2 in the air; Significantly healthier
  • Cleaner Burn - Soy candles do not produce much black soot to the container in which it is burning
  • Longer Lasting - Soy candles burn about 50% longer, which is more cost-effective in the long run!
  • Burns Evenly - Keeping the candle on a flat surface and the soy wax will not leave any excess wax on the sides
  • Easier Clean Up - If the wax should spill, clean up easily with soap and water - It's a natural oil!
  • Stronger Scent - Yet not overpowering, the soy wax releases the scent more gradually and evenly
  • Sustainable Wax - Completely renewable resource with soybeans, every single aspect of the plant can be used for various items that we use
  • Supports North American Farmers - The United States is the world's largest producer of soybeans

Safety Tips

Creamy White Soy Wax

Creamy White Soy Wax

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Burn candles in a well-ventilated room

Keep candles out of any drafty area

Keep the candle on an even, heat-resistant surface

Never touch hot or molten wax - the flame and wax are hot!

Burn candles within sight, never leave a candle burning without supervision

Never add anything to the candle wax or melt pool - it can change the way the candle is meant to burn in very unpredictable ways, leading to fire hazards

Never burn a candle near curtains, bedding, drafty areas, home decorations, etc

Do not extinguish any candle with its lid


Keep all candles out of extreme heat or cold

Burning Instructions

Creamy White Soy Wax

Burning Instructions

Burn Times are approximate due to factors such as drafts & wick length

  • First time lighting, allow the candle to burn until the liquid wax covers the entire top = Performance is better and more even for future lightings
  • Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch at all times
  • If there's a large flame, blow it out, trim the wick, re-light
  • Burn candles at a minimum of one hour per each inch diameter of the candle (2 inch diameter jar; 2  hours burn time)
  • Burning candles no longer that 3 - 4 hours increases overall burn time
  • Burn the candle long enough so there's a melting pool evenly across the diameter of the jar or crock
  • Place the candle on an even surface and never move it while burning hot
  • If the candle burns unevenly carefully rotate the candle every so-often to keep burning uniformly or move to another location without any draft

Eliminate the Smoke

Using a candle snuffer, place the bell over the wick, which gradually deprives the flame of oxygen.  Dip the wick into the candle wax pool, and it won't smoke!  Bring the warm wick back to its upright position for easy lighting next time.