Blue River Honey

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Local 46140 RAW honey bottled by our favorite BeeKeeper M. Carter, made purely by 100% Bees in Greenfield, IN

Did you know ... Industrial made honey methods actually dilutes the honey from its natural super food properties?  Local, raw honey is known to be a powerful antioxidant with its bee pollen & propolis - A resinous mixture that honeybees produce as a sealant to protect the hive and colony from outside elements.

Numerous benefits of ingesting LOCAL HONEY (Greenfield, IN + 50 Mile Radius)

  • Honey naturally has healing properties by soothing a sore throat
  • Helps with seasonal allergies - LOCAL, since the bees are native to the area in which you live everyday.  Two ounces a day, everyday #Sweet
  • Can help reduce the lifespan of a cold
  • Local honey is a natural antiseptic with its numerous antimicrobial properties;  Many types of bacteria cannot survive in honey
  • Helps with the nasty stomach flu, raw honey can calm the inflammation in the stomach

* Never give honey to an infant younger than 12 months old

1 lb Bottle of amazing goodness

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