Warming Wax Melts

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Soy wax melt cubes provides a long and cleaner burn with excellent scent throw - Select your favorite Grey Cabin Candles fragrance below  

  • Each 4"x3" Clamshell Package includes six hand poured soy wax melt cubes
  • No added chemical dyes 
  • Break off 1 (or 2 cubes, if needed) & add to the top of your electric, tea light, or candle burner
  • Since Wax Melts have to flame in contact with the wax, the scent is dispersed quickly covering a wider area 
  • The wax can be re-melted until it is no longer fragrant

The wax never fully melts away in your warming burner, simply because it is not burned by a flame.  Once the aroma is fully gone, gently wash out with soap and warm water, careful to not toss down the drain ... the wax can create a clog in your pipes!